Where to carry your satellite tracking device

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'Where to carry your satellite tracking device'

The Tracker Packer keeps your personal satellite locating unit easily accessible on your pack or around your arm and can be purchased on the Giant Loop website individually or with a SPOT device.

Here is a great little review of the Giant Loop 'Track Packer 'from Rider Magazine:

"Have you got a spot for your SPOT? Where is a good spot for a tracking/emergency device? They have to be open to the cosmos to contact a GPS satellite, yet protected from impact. On the bike, then. Or not, since you and your bike could be widely separated in an accident. In your pocket, maybe. Not so good for reception and subject to smacking the ground if you do.

Wondering where to carry your satellite tracking device?

Tracker Packer

The Tracker Packer includes hook-and-loop straps to secure it around just about anything. Where to carry your satellite tracking device?

The clever folks at Giant Loop, in conjunction with the Kurt Caselli Foundation, have come up with the Tracker Packer to secure a SPOT or DeLorme inReach in many locations, including your motorcycle. I prefer to attach it to the shoulder strap of my hydration pack, where it has an unobstructed view of the sky and is reasonably protected from vibration and impact.

Like all Giant Loop gear, the Tracker Packer is made to take beating. Straps of robust hook-and-loop secure the unit via its mounting slots, with the bright red top strap shouting “EMERGENCY” in large letters. The SPOT’s base sits on tenacious non-slip material to help hold it in place, with foam padding to coddle the electronics. A two-inch wide reflectorized band loops around…well, whatever you want to loop it around, to mount the tracker. Additional webbing loops provide other mounting options. Sewn from Mil-Spec materials, it’s one tough, made-in-USA piece of safety equipment.

Tracker Packer
We don’t advise attaching your satellite tracker to your bike, since you might become separated in an accident. The author prefers to mount his on his hydration pack strap. A great location for the question:
Where to carry your satellite tracking device?

The motivation for developing the tracker packer was to provide a safety net for off-road riders and racers. To that end, Giant Loop donates a portion of all sales to the Kurt Caselli Foundation, and each Tracker Packer sports the “Caselli 66” logo. Street riders should take note as well, especially those who go solo. No matter how good your cell phone carrier is, there are still (thankfully) places where service disappears and a satellite may be your only link to help."

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Where to carry your satellite tracking device?

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Credits:  Rider Magazine, SPOT LLC, Giant Loop Moto, Tracker Packer (for SPOT Gen 3), Tracker Packer (for DeLorme InReach)