In  you want to score the highest points by clearing mines without hitting a bomb. The longer you go without touching a bomb, the higher points you gain!

How To Play

The numbers on the board indicate how many bombs are around  it. This include anything above, below, right, left, and all of the diagonals. Once you have found there is a hidden mine, put a flag on it. If you uncover a square with a bomb without flagging it, you will ignite the bomb. Fortunately, in this version you will not explode, but lose points.


Flag bomb = +1 x multipliers
Trigger bomb = -10 x multipliers
Miss Flag = -1 x multipliers
Reveal Cell = +1 (max +3)

The multiplier increases as you accumulate more mines without mistakes. The longer the streak, the higher the multiplier increases. If you make a mistake, the multiplier resets.


You can earn more flags by winning gold. Gold is rewarded when either you complete an achievement or increase in level. Enjoy

Controls For

Left Click = reveal square 
Right Click = place flag
Click and Hold = place flag strategy how to play controls how to win at where can I play