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Our goal is to provide high-quality reviews of local businesses. Below you can find the current types of businesses that we have reviewed. All reviews are unsolicited from the business owners that are featured in our articles.

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Top 10 Best jQuery Plugins for January 2015

Jquery can do magic, and these 10 plugins can confirm our words, click each one to check details. 1) Floatlabels.js   2) jQuery Labelauty. 3) OneBook 3d 4) Howler.js-Modern Web Audio Javascript Library 5) Fotorama-Simple Photo Album Plugin 6) Switchery 7) Mixitup... read more

Beautiful Typography – Alphabet of the Countries

Take a look at this great collection to inspire your next Typography project. The creator of this collection is Pavel Zertsikel, from Russia, and he used each letter of Alphabet to create names of the countries. Take a look and feel free to share your work by... read more

21 Restaurant and Cafe Menu Designs for Inspiration

Having a client that wants a new Restaurant or Cafe Menu? Search no more, we have gathered 21 awesome designs that will help you with your design block. Scroll down and don’t forget to send over your design if you wanna have it FEATURED on our site 1. Zizzi... read more

10 Best Free Fonts for 2015 Graphic Design Projects

1. PIROU Free Font for Brochure Design Covers   2. RIDGE Free Typeface for Typography   3. Cute Punk Free Font For Girly Designs Credit   4. Curely Free Handmade Font for Cute Greeting Cards   5. AVENTURA Free Bold font for Packaging 2015   6.... read more

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