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In, you play as a circle bent on barraging your opponent with gunfire. You can customize the color of your circle, the style of gun you want, and the amount of armor for your character. The last two factors affect game-play.
The best strategy for is to familiarize yourself with the different guns and armor available to you, as each has an advantage and disadvantage. For example, having a handgun and light armor may allow you to move faster to dodge. However, if your opponent has heavy armor and a machine gun. You will not stand a chance. Therefore, play a few rounds and try different combinations until you find one that you are comfortable with using. As of the last update, there six weapons to choose from that combine with four different armor levels. Again, find what works best for you!
The secondary strategy to learn in involves the map. With simplified graphics of geometric shapes, the game field gives the feeling that you are in a warehouse or office space with common partitions to maneuver around as you seek out your enemies. Use these barriers to your advantage, as they block bullets! If dancing around a box to block a hail of bullets if what you need to do to win, do it!
The one final piece of advice regarding strategy on is to be aware of the range of your bullets. They will not shoot on through eternity, and your adversary may have a longer range than you may. Be careful! Overall, this fast-paced game goes through many re-spawns. Keep this in mind! Controls

Moving in is simple for those accustomed to PC game-play. The mouse serve as a directional pivot for your character. Moving left swings it one way, right the other. Your gun attaches to your character that points as you spin. To move the character, you can use either the a,d,w,s keys or the arrow keys, whichever you are more comfortable with.

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