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In, a pilot a small ship with an extendable hook claw arm mechanism on the front of it. As you approach enemies, you can shoot out your claw at them to vanquish them.
Your first strategy in should be to collect food. The food pellets will increase the size of your force field and claw. The major drawback to the increased size is that it slows you down. Using the boost (right click the mouse) will deplete your score, which in part with shrink your force field. As such, it will allow you to maneuver faster.
The next strategy, and most important, is how to handle yourself in combat. The claws do not exactly sync-up with your movements, and it create this awkward interaction with your opponent. If you want an advantage, stop your ship and then shoot your claw at them. It allows you better control of your arm to take them out.
Lastly, always be aware of the giant red spiky balls. Fortunately, they are located on your mini map, so you will know when one is coming in proximity to your ship, but if you run into them, they will kill you. It is a fast-paced environment, so remember that you will likely die often! Controls

Moving in is super easy. Your character will move towards your mouse cursor. When you click the left-mouse button, you will hook your enemies. When you click the right-mouse button, you will get a speed boost (and sacrifice your score as penalty).The movement is really fluid and continuous. Prepare to be on your toes! strategy how to play controls how to win at where can I play