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In your goal is to eliminate as many colored bubbles as possible per game level. You're able to use a your mouse or track-pad to aim and direct the different colored bubbles. Once you run out of colored bubbles the level will be won.
As you attempt to shoot the same colored bubbles to remove them from the field, the field of colored bubbles creeps slowly down towards the bottom of the board. If the colored bubbles reach the bottom of the game board, the game ends and you will need to start all over again. 

The basic strategy for is to shoot at the same colored bubbles to remove them from the field!. The goal is to have three of the same colored bubbles to touch each other. The act of making three colored bubbles touch each other makes them burst and disappear, clearing up the game board.  

As the colored bubbles stack up from any misses the game becomes more intense and the pressure is on you to burst more colored bubbles or lose the round.

Destroy all the colored bubbles from a level, lets you move onto the next level and launching new bubbles. On subsequent levels you will find the difficulties will increase as there are more colored bubbles  colors to shot at and to eliminate to move onto the next level.

Another strategy for as your aim improves is to strategically stack up the same colored bubbles at different locations on the board. For example, I shoot my blue colored bubbles to the right side and my green colored bubbles to the left. This allows me to plan for the next colored bubbles and then I can burst bunches of colored bubbles at one time! Fun...

You need be be careful with this strategy because if you misplace your colored bubbles they will stack up quickly and you’ll lose.
Overall this is a pretty easy paced .io game. Expect to die a lot until you get your aim just right, but having fun the whole time! Controls

The controls for are extremely simple. Use your mouse, and use your right and left arrows to place the cursor on the colored bubble you are aiming. The movement is pretty fluid and simple.

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