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You might like these games: - Tips, Tricks, and Strategies! Overview is a fun stategy .io game found online. As with most .io games, we recommend that this game is played on the desktop for optimal gaming. The reason for this primarily stems from the use of the keyboard and mouse in the controls. A gamer could play on a laptop, but a free standing mouse makes gameplay so much easier. With that being said, pits you in a world with other players trying to grab up the most territory. Other popular .io games that are similar in nature are and The gameplay actually leans a little closer to, where more strategy is needed to win. Either way, does set itself apart from the rest by offering something more in depth than just moving your mouse around to gain new territory. You have the ability to create defenses for your territory by building walls and turrets. Overall, is a fun .io game that you should try out the next time you game online! Strategy

There are a few stategies in that can be implemented to give you an advantage during the game. The first is to grab up factories that are scattered throughout the map. This will increase your production, which will allow you to build walls and other defenses faster. The second strategy we recommend is to take your time in an area to ensure that you are coloring all the squares in your favor. Remember, the goal of each round is to encompass 75% of the map. While it is fun to just create a random trail through the landscape, it is a waste of time to do so. The last we recommend is to build up your defenses. There are walls already established (from eons or warfare) that you can use as a foundation for your defenses. Build from those and create a framework to go from a strong defense to a strong offensive! With these strategies, you will come out on ti Controls

The controls are not difficult to use, even for the novice .io gamer. All movement occurs with the mouse. Simply move your cursor in the direction you want your ball to travel. In addition to movement, there are some different functions the keys perform for gameplay. Listed below are the keys and their function:
- W or Z : Fires Food
- X : Fire poison to damage your enemy
- C : Build a wall (hover your mouse on the desired converted tile and press C)
- B : Build a tower on a fully upgraded wall
- V : Destroy your own wall (will receive refund)
- S : Lay a mine (minelayers only)
- Space Bar : split

These keys are very useful during gameplay. We recommend when starting each game to keep the pop up window that provides handy because it is easy to forget your commands! With these controls, you will have an easier time navigating the game!

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