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In your goal is to reach rocks and tree control points to gain territorial rights for your pack.  Your dog or cat can grow bigger when they eat the kibble and treats on the turf. WATCH OUT! Do not eat the enemy’s poop or you will end up visiting the veterinarian to get better. Make sure you buy up vet insurance when you earn gold.
Another Strategy is to use your ferociously swinging paw to duel your enemies.  You can grow your dog pack or clowder of cats by breeding to make more puppies and kitties.  You can earn gold which then you can use to get some really cool collars, amazing claws and pre-paid medical services for healing services.

You get to pick between a cat and a dog as your name for the game.  I choose a dog of course plus I chose the bulldog breed because it was the closest to a boxer.  I then was able to give him a name that matches my dog Zeus. Controls

The controls for are simple but take some coordination. Your character will move with the keys W, A, S, D.  To ATTACK use the left mouse button, to DASH use the right mouse button, to breed / open shop E.  My keyboard wasn’t responding fast enough a couple times that caused me to get destroyed. strategy how to play controls how to win at where can I play