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You might like these games: - Tips, Tricks, and Strategies! Overview is a simple, fast paced .io game found online. For best results and the ideal gaming experience, we recommend that be played on the desktop or laptop devices because the gameplay involves controls using the keyboard. If you want to play this on your mobile or tablet devices, try downloading their app. is a straight forward shooter game where your character starts out as a triangle. Around the map, there are edges (essentially lines) lying around that can be picked up. These edges do a few things, first they change your shape. So, the triangle becomes a square and then turns into a pentagon. The more edges you collect, the more rounded you become. These edges then serve as projectiles that can be used to attack other players. In all, this game is simple, fun, and actually a bit of a twist from other popular .io games with the addition of your shape morphing as your progress. Try out the next time you are in the mood for gaming! Strategy

There are a few strategies to try out that will help you to survive longer in this fun .io game. The first strategy is to avoid the circles! Starting out as a triangle, you have 3 sides and no ammo. As you collect edges, your shape reflects that, but this is also an indicator of the amount of ammo that you have. Hence, circles have a ton of ammo and edges to protect them. So, avoid them because you will lose against them! The other strategy we recommend is to get comfortable with shooting while moving. The other players will fire on you, and mastering this technique will help you avoid death. Good luck and have fun with these strategies! Controls

The controls are pretty simple and straight forward for an .io game. Move around the map using either the arrow keys or the w,a,s, and d keys. If you have an edge to shoot at another player, you can do so with the space bar. With these controls, you will have the upper hand on your opponents. Good luck!

How to Play Unblocked from School or Work

A lot of players trying to play from school or from other places who limit the websites you can view can run into issues if the school is blocking the site. There are a few ways to get unblocked whether you’re at school or work.

Strategies on Getting Unblocked from School or Work

We’ve written a short guide with a strategy that can allow you to play any .io game from anywhere in the world. To check our article out, CLICK HERE.

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