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You might like these games: - Tips, Tricks, and Strategies! Overview is an online browser based game where you play as a ball trying to be the last to touch the floor, which is lava. This simple yet very fun game is an adaptation on the children's game The Floor is Lava! In that game, someone shouts, "The floor is lava!" and everyone in the room has 5 seconds to get off the floor or they lose. With this online version, you start by entering your name for the round and waiting for the 4 other players to join. Once started, gravity takes over and the 5 players (balls) begin to drop toward the floor (which is lava!). Your objective is simple: Be the last one to touch the lava floor.

In our strategy section, we will explain a tactic or two to be the last ball standing, but overall, this game is surprisingly fun. We say that because there is not much gameplay, but with the anticipation of the other players trying to survive and the immediate threat of the floor (which is lava) always looming, it creates urgency and excitement. As with many .io games, dying is often, but the rounds are short and endless. In all, surprised us and will do the same for you! Strategy

So, the simple objective in is to be the last to touch the floor, but what strategy can you have? Well, as your ball is dropping, you can bounce up toward the sky by clicking your left mouse button. Additionally, an arrow shows where your ball will travel. So, the trick is to bounce up and in the direction of other players in hopes that you will actually bounce off the top of them!

Another strategy involves a meter that appears at the top of the screen when you bounce. We have noticed that it will allow you to almost double bounce in midair and allow you to continue floating. Keep in mind that this meter will quickly diminish. Test this out for a few rounds to get the hang of "double bouncing." Using that combined with bouncing on top of your enemies are the best chances to survive until the end. Good luck! Controls

The controls in are very simple. When the game starts, clicking the left mouse button allows your ball to jump. You also move your mouse from side to side in order to change the direction of your arrow to point it away from the floor. Again, those are the only controls!

How to Play Unblocked from School or Work

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Strategies on Getting Unblocked from School or Work

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