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beach body challenge packs


A complete guide to beachbody challenge packs

Beachbody challenge packs are health and fitness packages sold by Beachbody. They are the foundation of the Beachbody Challenge group and help you save big money. Apart from being just another program, you get help and additional support to get the exact results you desire. The famous programs that have helped thousands gain fitness include INSANITY, P90X and so much more. All these programs are available with the challenge packs by Beachbody…. Read More

does insanity workout work

Does Insanity workout work?

You’ve seen the commercials on TV with a very fit and cut Shaun T sweating it up with his equally fit team and you wonder, “Does Insanity workout work?” What you really want to know is if the Insanity workout program will give you the results you want. Maybe you want to lose weight, have more energy, get more muscle definition or just perform better on your weekend sports team. In order to get any of those results, you are going to have to workout and workout hard… Read More


what you need for p90x

What Do You Need For P90X

Learn the answer to the question – “What do you need for P90X“. P90X or otherwise referred to as Power 90 Extreme is a homemade exercise program that was created by Tony Horton. The program has been designed to take 90 days and consists of cross training and periodization methodologies along with sufficient nutrition and diet supplements… Read More

workout videos for women

Workout Videos For Women

Let’s face it – choosing the best workout videos for women isn’t as simple as strolling along the beach. In fact, it is becoming much more difficult nowadays as all kinds of videos surface all over the internet. Typing the keywords will lead you to many websites, forums, and firms that end up confusing you more. The goal of an exercise video is to lose weight or increase strength much faster without harming your health. To find the best product… Read More

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CashBack Authority

Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget: 5 Tips to Save Big Money

Yes, decorating your home can be a little expensive, but here are some home decorating ideas on a budget that come easy if you’re prepared to a) get your hands dirty b) turn your creativity mojo on c) be patient and d) learn to see things with ‘new’ eyes… Read More

How To Cook The Perfect Burger

How To Cook The Perfect Burger

So you’ve dusted off the grill and invited a dozen of your friends over for the first BBQ of the year. Congrats! Now you need to set the bar high in terms of food so YOUR BBQ will be the one everyone else’s is compared to for the rest of the year. The solution is to learn how to cook the perfect burger. Read More

how to start a vegetable garden

How To Start A Vegetable Garden

The wildflowers are blooming and the lawn needs mowing. That can only mean one thing: It’s time to start this year’s vegetable garden. Here are a few tips for how to start a vegetable garden if your attempts in the past were less than stellar. Read More

Is The Apple Watch Worth It

Is the Apple Watch worth it?

As Apple boosted its level of hype for the Apple Watch to stratospheric levels last week prior to its launch, people are left wondering: Is the Apple Watch worth it? Read More

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100 Free WordPress Themes with Premium Look

100 Free WordPress Themes with Premium Look

Getting a free WP theme is easy as 1,2,3. Finding a really good looking, responsive and attractive WordPress theme is not that easy. Especially if you want to get Premium looks for $0. Here are 100 Themes for you to choose from. Our top pick  Simple, responsive theme...
5 Homepage Designs That Turn Visitors Into Leads

5 Homepage Designs That Turn Visitors Into Leads

Having good looking site is one thing, but turning visitors into leads is a completely different thing. Let’s have a look at some of the best homepage designs.   Our top pick- Payoneer There is no doubt what Payoneer do when you hit their home page. They...
Redefining How We Save Money Online

Redefining How We Save Money Online

In a world where saving money and getting the best deals has become a top priority for millions of people, a shopper’s utopia has emerged. CashBackAuthority.com is the premier destination for those seeking maximum savings on virtually anything you could buy online....

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