22 Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners – Text Effects

Sometimes it’s really hard to find a proper PS text effect tutorial for the logo job order from “that special” client. You know, they want something special, something unique and cheap, if possible. Well, we decided to create an Ultimate List of PhotoShop Text Tutorials just for our readers. Below

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Animal Tracks Quick Reference Guide

This is a cool page. All winter I have been seeing tracks in my back yard in the snow. I think most of what I have seen has just been cats, but my dad did corner a mink in my friend’s backyard. That was pretty exciting. This is a cool

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arnold schwarzzenegger 3d computer generatedarge

31 Frighteningly Realistic CG people

Texturing and adding layers upon layers of photo realistic materials is a blast once you have created the wire frame that is making up your character or object. However the modeling itself is the real hard part. If you for example are trying to create a photo realistic person with

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